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The project is a co-working space located in Shenzhen,which was designed by X+LIVING.The goal was to create a space which can accommodate multiple companies and give full play to the employees' individuality,and let "co-working" no longer be just a synonym for "low-cost".

∇ 1F大堂


The chief designer,Li Xiang,integrated artistic aesthetics and interesting visual effects into the four-storey space,and differentiated the tone and style of each floor based on functions.


1F serves as the lobby and reception area,with two entrances.The main entrance is on the south side,from which people can reach the main area of the lobby and the workspace.The secondary entrance at the north area leads to the dining space,featuring a large striking art installation with the shape of a hot-air balloon.
An atrium runs through the overall space.Besides,the window panes were embedded into the interior wall,making it appear to be the facade.When the escalator rises and passes through each floor,people can enjoy varying visual experience.

∇ 2F餐饮层


2F functions as the dining space.X+LIVING laid emphasis on design of the end area of the corridor.Colorful background walls,combined with interesting dining-related furniture and installations,add visual appeal to the space and allow interaction among people,space and articles.

∇ 3F青年联合办公


从主大堂扶梯上来,首先看到的是work hard 的欢迎橱窗,然后转身会看到一个特别怪诞、艺术的公共客厅。这里我们引用了健身器械的元素进来,想要传达健康工作的理念。我们把单杠吊环意化成巨大的香槟金画框,当你穿梭其中就像置身于一幅幅画作当中,我们根据使用的行为模式,设计了多种座椅形式,宽敞的大沙发,一个人安静独享的座椅,休闲的吊椅,学习的吧椅长桌。当你在这里休憩工作时,也可以在旁边的单杠吊环拉伸一下。为了打造客厅的舒适感,我们设计了一些地毯,并且让它和墙面的画作结合在一起,让它不仅是装饰还是空间不可或缺的一部分。在客厅的边上是一条开放式的水吧空间,还有一个休闲玩乐的海洋球池。透过水吧区可以看到两幅怪诞的画作,梵高自画像的头部和蒙娜丽莎的手分别代表男女卫生间的标志。


3F is a small workspace,targeted at young groups.The space around the two escalators is used as public reception area,which is connected with the shared conference room and resting area,and separated from the office that requires privacy and quietness.Such clear spatial layout makes the visual point more focused,and facilitates future operation and management.

As reaching 3F by taking the escalator from the lobby,people will be firstly welcomed by the words "Work Hard" on a show window,and then see the public reception area with grotesque artworks when turning around.X+LIVING utilized elements of gym equipment in the space to convey the idea of keeping balance between health and work.The champagne gold horizontal bars and rings are very eye-catching,enriching the spatial experience.Chairs were designed with diversified forms and shapes for the sake of serving different needs,including social interaction,leisure,learning and staying alone.X+LIVING designed several rugs in the public reception area,which not only echo the paintings on the walls but also make the space more comfortable and visually attractive.The open bar area and relaxing ball pool are on the side of the reception area.It is interesting that two paintings can be seen from the bar area.The head part of Vincent Van Gogh's self-portrait and hands of Mona Lisa indicate the washrooms for males and females.

Passing through the reception area,people will come to the shared conference room and the telephone-booth-shaped resting rooms.The conference room is characterized by minimalist design,with the projector box as the highlight.The resting rooms were decorated with a warm tone,equipped with soft seat and wall cushion.

∇ 4F大型联合办公


4F is a large workspace for mature and elite groups.It has the same layout as 3F.The space near the escalators also functions as a public reception area,with the large office area surrounding it,so that employees of each company can reach their working area very conveniently.The overall space on this floor was endowed with a sedate and mature atmosphere by use of wood veneers and grayish-brown concrete coating in a large area.The furniture was designed in a minimalist style.Besides,elements of exercise equipment can be found in the space as well,reminding people to pay attention to physical health after work.

∇ 洗手间

∇ 1F平面图

∇ 2F平面图

∇ 3F平面图

∇ 4F平面图

项目地点:中国 深圳
项目总监:任丽娇 吴锋
参与设计师:钱慧兰 陈雪 罗紫艳 范祺 刘汝琴 江雪萍
XiangCASA品牌部总监:Justin周 郑敏平
XiangCASA设计师:杨欢 高玲
项目摄影:邵峰 周玉强 胡义杰

Location: Shenzhen,China
Area: 8800 m2
Completion Time: December 2018
Design Company: X+LIVING(www.xl-muse.com)
Chief Designer: Li Xiang
Project Directors: Ren Lijiao,Wu Feng
Participating Designers: Qian Huilan,Chen Xue,Luo Ziyan,Fan Qi,Liu Ruqin,Jiang Xueping
Customized Furniture: XiangCASA
XiangCASA Directors: Justin CHEW,Zheng Minping
XiangCASA Designers: Yang Huan,Gao Ling
Photography: Shao Feng,Zhou Yuqiang,Hu Yijie


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