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Montalba Architects | 温哥华高端健身俱乐部

这家由Montalba Architects设计的高端健身中心采用了白胡桃木、黑色钢材和各种大理石,旨在唤起人们对"雕塑峡谷"的记忆。

Bleached walnut,blackened steel and various types of marble feature in this high-end fitness centre by Montalba Architects,which was designed to evoke a "sculpted canyon".


The design team drew upon the city's architectural landscape,as well as the surrounding natural environment.The notion of a "sculpted canyon" emerged and drove design decisions within the two-storey,30,000-square-foot (2,787-square-metre) gym.

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects


Hints of contrasting black and white marble are incorporated in various areas,as are reflective metallics.The material palette aims to embody "the perfect meld of modern urbanity of the city while saluting the pristine natural elements of the Pacific Northwest".


The exercise club's storefront features powder-coated steel louvres that enable natural light to penetrate the interior.Guests step into a double-height lobby with a smoked-mirror ceiling and poured concrete floor.The lofty space is intended to draw patrons in and establish a strong connection between the club's two levels."The grandeur of this central space is sharply contrasted by small intimate coves throughout that become retreats for social interaction," the studio said in a project description.

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

大堂设有温馨的休息室,水平壁炉位于灰色的切面墙内。墙面覆盖的是从西班牙引进的混凝土复合材料。一个突出的黑色钢制楼梯将大堂连接到健身区所在的上层。 走廊的墙壁衬有意大利的瓷砖。

The lobby features an intimate lounge with a horizontal fireplace set within a grey,faceted wall.A concrete composite material brought in from Spain was used to cover the wall surface.A prominent,blackened-steel staircase connects the lobby to the upper level,where the workout areas are located.Corridor walls are lined with porcelain tiles from Italy.


"Rich,natural materials of stone and wood create subtle texture throughout,returning to the conceptual canyon while working to programmatically define spaces and guide patrons to main walkways," the studio said.

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

该俱乐部包含6个普拉提,芭蕾,瑜伽和其他课程的教室。 Cove照明发出柔和的光线,而图案壁纸则增添了活力和运动感。

The club contains a half-dozen studios for pilates,barre,yoga and other classes.Cove lighting emits soft light,while patterned wallpaper adds a sense of energy and movement.


Studio floors are covered with either walnut or porcelain tiles,while rubber was used in the cardio and strength-building areas.Locker rooms,located on the first floor,feature a neutral colour palette and marble accents.

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

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商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

商业空间,温哥华,俱乐部,健身房,Montalba Architects

项目名称:Vancouver's Equinox gym
设计公司:Montalba Architects
灯光设计:One Lux Studio
摄影:Luis Alberto Valdizon


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