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Mim Design | 墨尔本Woodcut陈列室工作室

Mim Design已经完成了墨尔本家族企业Woodcut的陈列室和工作空间,它本质上是一个别致的木材圣殿。这个概念围绕着创始人Darko Glogovac探索前南斯拉夫桦树森林的回忆,回忆起与树木的纹理、气味和声音的联系。

Mim Design has completed a showroom and workspace for family-run business Woodcut in Melbourne that is an essentially chic shrine to timber in all its glory.The concept revolves around Founding Director Darko Glogovac's memories of exploring birch forests in former Yugoslavia,recalling a connection with the grain,smell,and sound of the trees.


Charred planks of timber line the walls and floor of the entrance space,and a custom desk akin to a milled tree trunk is suspended above polished concrete,constructed from aluminium panels and CNC routed with an intricate timber pattern.Overheard,blackened foliage stands out against the bright neon signage.

商业空间,陈列空间,工作室,Mim Design,墨尔本

商业空间,陈列空间,工作室,Mim Design,墨尔本


Beyond the impactful entrance,softer timber boards give warmth to the workspace and meeting room.A mirrored canopy floats above curved timber desks with integrated storage.Concealed lighting and greenery evoke the natural landscape from which the business was built.


Gallery-like spatial planning ensures flow from one space to the next.Desks all face outward,ensuring a clear line of sight toward the surrounding interior,allowing all employees to enjoy their working environment.

商业空间,陈列空间,工作室,Mim Design,墨尔本

商业空间,陈列空间,工作室,Mim Design,墨尔本


The interiors focus on timber in its natural and milled form.Paired with blackened steel and concrete the palette is deliberately minimal,ensuring focus does not stray from the beauty of the natural product.

商业空间,陈列空间,工作室,Mim Design,墨尔本

商业空间,陈列空间,工作室,Mim Design,墨尔本

商业空间,陈列空间,工作室,Mim Design,墨尔本

商业空间,陈列空间,工作室,Mim Design,墨尔本

商业空间,陈列空间,工作室,Mim Design,墨尔本

项目名称:Woodcut Melbourne
设计公司:Mim Design
摄影:Sean Fennessy


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