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快餐店, 餐饮空间

Landini Associates | 纽约时代广场上的麦当劳

麦当劳在纽约时代广场开设了一家玻璃餐厅,餐厅顶部有一个巨大的广告牌。这家三层楼高的餐厅由Landini Associates设计,Progressive AE记录担任建筑师。位于第45大街和百老汇大街的交汇处,拥有全玻璃立面,座位区可以俯瞰广场。

McDonald's has opened a glass-fronted restaurant topped with a giant billboard on Times Square in New York City.Designed by Landini Associates,with Progressive AE acting as architect of record,the three-storey restaurant at the corner of 45th and Broadway has a fully glass facade with seating areas overlooking the square.

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约


The restaurant is topped by a billboard with a display area of 862 square metres (9,280 square feet) – the third largest on Times Square.First introduced in Hong Kong in 2015,the redesigned restaurants are now being rolled out across the rest of the world,including one that opened in Chicago earlier this year,which drew comparisons to Apple Stores.

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约

麦当劳美国总裁Chris Kempczinski表示:"这是改变消费者看法的一步,让我们走上了留住、重拾和转变的道路。我们在纽约市中心展示麦当劳能做什么。尽管旗舰店展示了麦当劳的终极体验,但自2016年以来,我们一直在美国各地提供新的便利、个性化和服务。"

"It's another step in changing customer perception,which puts us on the path to retain,regain and convert," said Chris Kempczinski,president of McDonald's USA."We're showing off what McDonald's can do… in the centre of New York City.While the flagship showcases the ultimate McDonald's experience,we've been delivering new levels of convenience,personalisation and service throughout the US since 2016."

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约


The 10,040 square metre (11,199 square foot) restaurant has 21 order points,including 18 self-order kiosks,on the ground floor,with two floors of dining areas above.The restaurant's upper floors are accessed by a bright yellow staircase,which contrasts with the concrete and oak interiors.The walls are broken with occasional abstractions of the McDonald's golden arches.


Various seating arrangements have been created to cater for the McDonald's varied diners.Zinc,concrete and oak tables and benches of differing heights have been designed with families,groups and solo diners in mind.

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约


To create a calm atmosphere for diners,the restaurant's kitchen has been placed in building's basement with food carried upstairs using dumb-waiters.Lighting throughout the restaurant is computer controlled so that the mood can be altered to create different atmospheres at day and night.

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约

餐饮空间,国外餐厅设计,麦当劳,餐厅,Landini Associates,纽约

项目名称:the ultimate McDonald
设计公司:Landini Associates
摄影:Andrew Meredith


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