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Buro Koray Duman | 美国Publisher's Loft公寓

该公寓由当地建筑公司Buro Koray Duman为一对布鲁克林夫妇设计,公寓的墙壁书架错落有别,拥有数千本书。Publisher的loft是一个开放式的公寓。

Shelves stagger along the walls of this apartment,which local architecture firm Buro Koray Duman designed for a Brooklyn couple with thousands of books.Publisher's Loft is an open-plan apartment.

创始人Koray Duman说:"客户拥有大量的书籍(2500本),他们想和这些书住在一起,但数量太大了。所以我们决定定制一个藏书柜,以45度角的定制书架环绕整个公寓的周边。从一个方向看可以看到书,而从另一个方向则看不到。"

"The clients had an extensive collection of books (2,500) that they wanted to live with,but it was an overwhelming amount," said founder Koray Duman."We decided to design a custom library that wraps the perimeter of the entire apartment with custom shelving at 45-degree angle.The angle allows the book collection to be viewed from one direction and in the other,hides the collection.

住宅空间,国外住宅空间设计,Buro Koray Duman,布鲁克林,loft公寓

住宅空间,国外住宅空间设计,Buro Koray Duman,布鲁克林,loft公寓


Bookshelves define that 1,200-square-foot (111-square-metre) apartment and line two sides of the space as a series of columns that project outwards at an angle.


On one side of the apartment,the shelving acts as a backdrop for a dining room.A kitchen next to it overlooks a sitting area.The other portion of the bookshelves is on the opposite wall,and serves as a corridor from the living room,past a bathroom,to a bedroom.The angled shelves extend into the bedroom and,as typical in a number New York lofts,features no bedroom door.

住宅空间,国外住宅空间设计,Buro Koray Duman,布鲁克林,loft公寓

住宅空间,国外住宅空间设计,Buro Koray Duman,布鲁克林,loft公寓


Rectangular red and white tiles are positioned at an angle for a kitchen backsplash,which is brought down to the floors.This design is duplicated in the hallway and bathroom,but with cobalt blue interspersed more sparingly.Publisher's Loft features an array of colourful furnishings as well,such as a pale blue loveseat,an orange rug,a yellow upholstered seat and green dining chairs.The studio also created a table for the dining room.


Original wood pillars and beams are left exposed,while all storage and built-ins are painted white for contrast.Exposed aluminium ductwork,perforated metal and other industrial elements are also integrated into the design.

住宅空间,国外住宅空间设计,Buro Koray Duman,布鲁克林,loft公寓

住宅空间,国外住宅空间设计,Buro Koray Duman,布鲁克林,loft公寓

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住宅空间,国外住宅空间设计,Buro Koray Duman,布鲁克林,loft公寓

项目名称:Publisher Loft
设计公司:Buro Koray Duman
摄影:Kevin Kunstadt


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