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俱乐部, 商业空间

el equipo | 西班牙bala perdida地下俱乐部

隐藏在马德里社区"Barrio de Las Letras"的地下,在19世纪翻新的宫殿下,我们发现了两个砖砌的拱顶空间,这便是Bala perdida(Lost Bullet)俱乐部的所在地。

Hidden in the underground of the Madrilenian neighborhood "Barrio de Las Letras" (today a neuralgic point of the city),under a refurbished palace of the nineteenth century,we find two vaulted spaces built in brick.It is in this provocative and secret location,where the Bala perdida ( Lost Bullet) club is located.


hidden in beneath the streets of madrid under a refurbished eighteenth century palace,the design team transforms the dark,subterranean space into a luminous and atmospheric night club.We had two main design premises.On the one hand the singularity of the existing space,with two subterranean dark vaults built in brick,as antique caves or cellars.On the other hand,the proposed venue,a night club that should have the versatility to work as a snack and cocktail bar,where a fast mutation would happen at some point of the night and the general scenery would quickly switch from a warm atmosphere into a lysergic dance floor.

商业空间,俱乐部,夜总会,el equipo creativo,西班牙

商业空间,俱乐部,夜总会,el equipo creativo,西班牙


This need of transformation and that kind of clandestine atmosphere made us think of a space with a close relation to mystery where we could not omit the magic and the optical illusions.the primary design strategy of the project was the use of two central elements: mirrors,facing each other on either end of each vault,produce an illusionistic sense of spatial endlessness,producing the effect of seemingly endless tunnels.

第二个焦点元素是不断变化的照明条件。 在两个拱顶的轴线上,两个纵向LED灯嵌入悬挂的声学板之间,发出沉浸式的光芒,颜色和速度各不相同。 此外,酒吧本身就像一个灯笼或炉膛,散发着温暖的火光,作为拱形墙壁上的俏皮灯光的基础。

a second focal element is the continually changing lighting the axis of the two vaults,two longitudinal LED lamps inset among the suspended acoustic panels emit an immersive glow,with ranging colors and speeds.also,the bar itself acts as a lantern or hearth,emitting a warm fire toned light which serves as a foundation for the playful lights cast overhead on the vaulted walls.

商业空间,俱乐部,夜总会,el equipo creativo,西班牙

商业空间,俱乐部,夜总会,el equipo creativo,西班牙

商业空间,俱乐部,夜总会,el equipo creativo,西班牙

商业空间,俱乐部,夜总会,el equipo creativo,西班牙

商业空间,俱乐部,夜总会,el equipo creativo,西班牙

商业空间,俱乐部,夜总会,el equipo creativo,西班牙

设计公司:el equipo creativo
摄影:adrià goula


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