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avanto architects | 芬兰kyro酿酒厂仓库

avanto architects为芬兰酿酒厂kyro完成了一座储酒仓库。该仓库位于isokyrö农村地区的一条河流旁,其设计参考了该地区的农舍和木制谷仓。 虽然建筑物看似是用碳化木包裹,但实际上它是由黑色的混凝土板构成的。

avanto architects,a helsinki-based firm led by ville hara and anu puustinen,has completed a barrel storage building for kyrö — a finnish distillery company.located next to a river in a rural part of isokyrö,the design references the farmhouses and wooden barns common to the region.although the building appears to be clad with charred wooden planks,it is in fact made from black board formed concrete.


the storage facility is the first in a row of five identical buildings that will form part of a larger masterplan drawn up by avanto architects.the project — brought about by increased demand for kyrö's products — will see the expansion of the headquarters in the form of several new buildings and the conversion of the site's existing structures.

建筑设计,工业建筑,仓库,芬兰,avanto architects

建筑设计,工业建筑,仓库,芬兰,avanto architects


in order to call spirit whisky,it needs to be stored for at least three years in oak barrels.this means that storage buildings needed to be constructed without knowing the outcome of the product.consequently,to minimize financial risk,the buildings were assembled from standard concrete pillars and beams.


as whisky is a flammable liquid,there are strict fire regulations concerning the storage response,the architects divided the building into five separate compartments — each of which has a controlled indoor climate in terms of temperature and humidity.furthermore,the amount of alcohol evaporating from the wooden barrels is measured so that the air doesn't become flammable.

建筑设计,工业建筑,仓库,芬兰,avanto architects

建筑设计,工业建筑,仓库,芬兰,avanto architects

建筑设计,工业建筑,仓库,芬兰,avanto architects


the external concrete elements were cast on a mold made of planks from a dismantled barn owned by the mother-in-law of one of the distillery owners.‘funnily,concrete reproduces the weathered wood material so well that many people have been touching the façade and still believing it is wood,' comments the design team.

建筑设计,工业建筑,仓库,芬兰,avanto architects

建筑设计,工业建筑,仓库,芬兰,avanto architects

建筑设计,工业建筑,仓库,芬兰,avanto architects

建筑设计,工业建筑,仓库,芬兰,avanto architects

项目名称:kyrö barrel storage building
设计时间: 2018
建筑总面积:1,065 sqm
客户:kyrö distillery company
项目经理:robert sivula b.eng./kyrö distillery company
建筑师:avanto architects ltd / ville hara and anu puustinen,architects SAFA
研究助理:emmanuel laux,architect,miyuki wakasugi,student of architecture
结构设计:ramboll finland oy / markku savela b.eng.,matti passi b.eng.
HVAC设计:ramboll finland oy / tuomo korpi b.eng.
电气设计:ramboll finland oy / tuukka perttula b.eng.
摄影:anders portman,kuvio


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