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办公空间, 工作室, 设计公司

Woods Bagot | 纽约Woods Bagot曼哈顿工作室

建筑公司伍兹贝格Woods Bagot使用"纽约市砂砾"作为其曼哈顿市中心办公室内部的美学参考。该工作室位于Broad Street 30号大陆银行大楼的七楼,工作区内有大量裸露的混凝土。

Architecture firm Woods Bagot has used "New York City grit" as an aesthetic reference for the interiors of its Downtown Manhattan offices.Plenty of exposed concrete can be across the workspace,located on the seventh floor of the Continental Bank Building at 30 Broad Street.

该办公室占地11,000平方英尺,由Woods Bagot全球职场内饰负责人Sarah Kay和全球酒店负责人Wade Little设计。他们选用了黑色和白色以及绿色植物,创造出他们认为适合这个位置的外观和感觉。

Encompassing 11,000 square feet,the office was designed by Woods Bagot's head of global workplace interiors,Sarah Kay,and head of global hotels,Wade Little.The duo used a palette of black and white,and splashes of greenery,against the concrete to create a look and feel they deemed suitable for its location.

办公空间,建筑公司办公室设计,纽约,Woods Bagot,伍兹贝格

办公空间,建筑公司办公室设计,纽约,Woods Bagot,伍兹贝格


"The design mixes New York City grit – raw columns,exposed pipes,concrete floors with natural cracks and stains – with couches,soft drapery,and plants," said a statement from the firm.At the entrance,a wall of black-framed glass includes a set of double doors.Beyond,tables topped with pale wood can be used for greeting visitors and casual meetings.Sofas and armchairs upholstered in grey form a lounge area even further in.


At the widest part of the office,employees sit at four massive walnut laminate workbenches that serve as both their designated desks and a communal workplace.

办公空间,建筑公司办公室设计,纽约,Woods Bagot,伍兹贝格

办公空间,建筑公司办公室设计,纽约,Woods Bagot,伍兹贝格


Similar pipe structures are suspended from the ceiling to hold potted plants above the tables,or bottles above the bar.Exposed ductwork and thin lighting fixtures are also painted black.


Close to the lobby,an all-black kitchen is placed between two columns – opposite a large counter where employees can eat,check emails,or congregate socially.

办公空间,建筑公司办公室设计,纽约,Woods Bagot,伍兹贝格

办公空间,建筑公司办公室设计,纽约,Woods Bagot,伍兹贝格

"建筑师的工作是布局的核心,"Woods Bagot说,"在整个过程中,引人注目的空间和搁架展示了引发日常对话,协作和评论的图纸和模型。"

"The architects' work is central to the layout," said Woods Bagot."Throughout,pin-up spaces and shelving showcase drawings and models that provoke everyday conversation,collaboration and critique."

办公空间,建筑公司办公室设计,纽约,Woods Bagot,伍兹贝格

办公空间,建筑公司办公室设计,纽约,Woods Bagot,伍兹贝格

项目名称:Woods Bagot's New York studio
设计公司:Woods Bagot
摄影:Brooke Holm


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